About Bisa Bahasa

Some of my “bule” friends from different cultural backgrounds are talking about their interest in learning Bahasa with varied reasons. They  wonder how long does it take to learn Bahasa to be able to communicate with local people?

Many people say that Bahasa is an easy language to learn when compared to other languages. In some aspects this is very true for foreigners, but there are many challenging aspects of the language that will take significant effort to master. When it comes to learning to speak Bahasa or understanding the culture, no one is better prepared to help you reach your goals than have sessions with the native Indonesian.

Bisa Bahasa was established in the end of 2010 and located at Kebagusan Street as the main office. We provide private Bahasa tutors for expatriates with flexible time.  Our tutors are experienced in teaching Bahasa. We emphasis on our client’s development and ability to speak and understand spoken and written Bahasa. And courses available at the location most convenient for our clients.

So, you are looking for an effective Bahasa learning course with enjoyable experience? SPEAK TO US!


4 responses to “About Bisa Bahasa

  1. Rudy

    Tia is an excellent English teacher. She has not only experienced in teaching English, she is also a member of Toastmaster International: a worldwide non-profit organization which is help people to learn public speaking and leadership. I’m sure, her passion to helps other and her experiences in Toastmaster International will make her an even more excellent tutor.

    Well done Tia! 🙂

  2. Halo Wowo,

    Bisa Bahasa biasanya memberikan kursus di tempat klien, bisa rumah, perkantoran ataupun tempat lain seperti cafe, museum, dan tempat pariwisata yang mendukung suasana belajar.

    Salah satu tutor di Bisa Bahasa (Tia) juga membuka sesi diskusi online lewat YM (novi_daprinsa@yahoo.co.id) dan BB Group untuk teman “bule” yang sudah bergabung di Bisa Bahasa.


  3. natnat ⋅

    Surely a great and inspiring woman, hope this will create a huge opportunity to introduce Bahasa Indonesia as a fabulous language in the world.
    Keep up the excellent work Tia..
    so proud of you ^_^

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