Selamat Pagi…

Halo… Apa kabar?

Ready for our  today’s lesson? I bet you are ready.

Today’s topic is how to greet people.

When we meet someone in Indonesia, we  can simply say :



Apa kabar?

Or formally, we can say :


Selamat pagi

Good morning ( until 11: 00 am)

Selamat siang

Good afternoon (from 11 : 00 am to 15 : 00 pm)

Selamat sore

Good afternoon (from 15: 00  pm to 18 : 00 pm)

Selamat malam

Good evening (from 18:00  pm to 24 :00 am)

And when it’s time to say good bye, simply say :

Sampai jumpa

See you

Sampai jumpa lagi

See you again


Take care

Selamat tinggal         

Good bye

Selamat tidur

Good night

Mari Latihan! (Let’s practise!)

Usually people when greet each other, they do shake hands. So do in Indonesia. We do shake hands (berjabat tangan).

How’s that? I hope you find it useful to enhance your Bahasa skills.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s find local people and greet them 🙂

And now, it’s time for me to say : “Sampai jumpaaaaa…..”


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