Apa Kabar?

Hi fellows… Apa kabar?

In english, Apa kabar means “How are you?”

Usually we say : “Apa kabar?” when we meet someone whatever the situations are : early in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening.

So, when you meet Indonesian, even for the very  first time, simply say : “Apa Kabar?”

And now, let me share with you how to respond the question.

Question : Apa kabar?

Respond  :

(1) Baik. (Fine)

(2) Baik, terima kasih. (Fine, thank you)

(3) Saya baik-baik saja. (I am fine)

(4) Saya merasa tidak enak badan. (I am not feeling well)

(5) Biasa-biasa saja. (So-so)

(6) Tidak baik. (Not good)

Mari Latihan! (Let’s Practise!)

Ringkasan (Summary)

How’s our lesson for today? Easy right?

Well, at least you already learn some words in Bahasa :

1. Halo (Hello)

2. Hai (Hi)

3. Apa kabar (How are you)

4. Baik (Fine)

5. Terima kasih (Terima kasih)

6. Saya baik-baik saja (I am fine)

7. Saya merasa tidak enak badan (I am not feeling well)

8. Biasa-biasa saja (S0-s0)

9.  Tidak baik (Not good)

10. Sampai jumpa (See you)

And now, it’s time for me to say : “Sampai jumpaaaaa…..”


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